MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — Teachers make sure students have everything they need to succeed, but who makes sure teachers have everything they need to be successful? At Olathe Middle and High School Jeff Mitchell does, and he’s this month’s Montrose Golden Apple winner.

Mr. Mitchell is a Building Resource Teacher, but what exactly does that mean? It means he helps with a little bit of everything. He helps with planning, support, resources, technology, and wherever else he might be needed. With a background in both teaching and administration, he likes this position because it lets him do a little bit of both. He told us, “This position gave me a taste of admin, it gives me a taste of working with district office, I’m in the classroom with kids, and I’m with teachers. I get a little bit of everything, and so, in that light it’s really rewarding for me.”

After working in education for more than 15 years, Mr. Mitchell is still excited to go to work every day. I asked what he loves about his job, and here’s what he said, “The one thing is the lightbulb moment. When you watch a teacher, or you watch a student, and they go from a confused, uncertain look, or from not having a skill to having a skill, and you see it click and all of a sudden they’re like ‘okay, I’ve got this.’ Because I know if we get enough of those light bulb moments together, you’re going to end up with students who can stand on their own, provide for themselves, and make it in this world, which is my ultimate goal.” 

Thank you Mr. Mitchell for your hard work keeping Olathe Middle and High School running efficiently, and congratulations for winning a Golden Apple award.