MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — Special education teachers play a critical role in helping students with disabilities succeed. Leah Appling, this month’s Montrose Golden Apple winner, has become a beloved figure at Johnson Elementary for her dedication to her students.

Mrs. Leah is a teacher for students with significant support needs. While teaching kids always comes with some challenges, somehow Mrs. Leah makes it look easy. She explained “I really think the students make it easy. They’re all just so lovable and they see the world in a different way and they make you see it in a different way too. And just that the world’s a happy place to be in.”

Mrs. Leah says that Montrose is the best place to teach and she loves being part of the small town community, and that may be because Montrose is also her hometown. She said, “Yeah, so I went to Cottonwood Elementary, Columbine Middle School, and then Montrose High School where I graduated, and I have had so many amazing teachers in the district and they’ve really inspired me to be a great teacher.” 

Obviously, Montrose County School District is doing something right. Thank you Mrs. Leah for your passion and dedication to teaching, and congratulations for winning a Golden Apple award. 

Special thanks also go to TEI Rock Drills for sponsoring the Montrose Golden Apple Awards, and to Montrose Donut and Deli for putting together the award baskets.