New Grand Junction Career Passport Program


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — A helpful resource for college students, the Grand Junction Career Passport Program is launching, thanks to Colorado Mesa University and the Grand Junction Economic Partnership.

Looking for a job in a formal setting can be overwhelming.

Sometimes figuring out where to begin can cause a headache, until now.

Tamara Krizman, Director of Colorado Mesa University Career Services says, “the passport is intended to really help make those connections, it’s intended to help our students connect to our local business community.”

The new program is designed to bring students and local businesses together in a less formal setting to discuss future employment.

Cilia Kohn, Director of Marketing and Communications at Grand Junction Economic Partnership, says, “we have educational events, we have social events, we have professional networking events, everything from a happy hour to say a yoga session to a tech round table discussion.”

Organizers say the goal is to host at least one event a month with the hope of a more comfortable and less intimidating environment.

Kohn says, “the point of all these different events is really to create sort of of a relaxed atmosphere for networking and building relationships between students and local professionals.”

Blake Shewmon, senior at CMU, says, “informal professionalism is kind of growing thing nowadays, a lot of people are able to work from home and whatnot, but you still have to maintain a level of professionalism.”

Whether you’re looking for your first job or some additional resources on a career path, the Grand Junction Career Passport Program is there for you.

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