New luxury options available for Balloon Fiesta guests

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This year you can glam it up at Balloon Fiesta.

There will be “Glamping” or luxury camping, where you can spend the night within walking distance of the field. You can also have your own personal driver.

 “It’s going to be a really fun way for balloon fiesta guests to enjoy staying near the park,” says Spokesperson Amanda Molina. 

Right along the baseball fields is where 12 large safari tents will be set up within walking distance from the launch field at Balloon Fiesta Park.”

They are set up basically like a hotel room. There’s going to be a queen bed or twin beds and you’ll also get access to some really premium indoor restrooms, indoor showers.

“This isn’t our regular port-o-potty, it’s really nice accommodations,” Molina says. 

One night will cost you $500 but there is a three-night minimum so guests will spend at least $1,500. 

“Which really is comparable to some of the hotel rooms near the park and this is just really a different fun experience,” Molina says. 

This option is ideal, but not in everyone’s budget.

“I like the idea I don’t like the idea of the cost or the expense,” says resident Amy Harrison. 

Glamping isn’t the only new luxury option this year. For $350 you could have your own concierge.

“You’ll get a private golf cart and coffee and treats and a behind the scenes peek at Balloon Fiesta Park,” Molina says. 

A pricey perk that some say may worth the extra cost.

“For those people who have special needs or maybe some of the elderly who can’t make it around, that way it would help from excluding potential visitors,” Harrison says. 

There are other ways to upgrade your Balloon Fiesta experience, at the private the Gondola Club for $110 or the Chasers’ Club, that has an outdoor patio view for $45.

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