New project to restore sagebrush in McInnis Canyon


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — Preserving what some in Colorado think of as their backyard, public lands.

Shovels and gloves were put to good use today to kick off a new beginning, restoring sagebrush in McInnis Canyon.

Nikki Grant-Hoffman, an ecologist, says, “in this area, we did some aerial seeding, so because it’s fairly remote and somewhat difficult to get too and because it’s a fairly large area we had a contract that came out and flew seed on snow and then what we’re doing today planting some sagebrush seedlings, these little guys here.”

Before the seeds can be sowed, a process takes place to prepare them.

Grant-Hoffman also says, “we collected the seed, we had it grown out at the plant center, the native plant center in Meeker, Colorado, and then we brought them back.”

Sara Brooker with Colorado Canyons Association, says, “having such a beautiful backyard really connects the community to their public lands, it’s where we recreate on the weekends, it’s where take kids, family, it’s just really special landscapes and I think everyone in our community wants to protect those landscapes, wants to stewer them and see them grow for years to come.”

Experts say sage brush help nurture the lands we love to spend time on, but it also helps the growth of the ecosystem.

Grant-Hoffman added, “it’s really important to our native insects, animals, birds everything else that wants to live out here and providing that structure in these systems.”

A plant that helps benefit its surroundings will once again begin to grow.

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