Orange Barrel Alerts

Orange Barrel Bulletin for the Week of June 3, 2019

US 6 Eastbound / Westbound from Mack to Fruita (Milemarker 12-20.05) (through June 2019)

CO 141 Northbound / Southbound on State Highway 141 between Gateway and Whitewater (Milemarker 120-143) (through July 2019)

I-70 Eastbound / Westbound in Eagle County between Avon and Vail, Colorado (Milemarker 166-174.5) (through October 2019)

I-70 Eastbound / Westbound I-70 at the interchange with US 24 west of Vail, and from east of the Big Horn Road interchange to west of the Shrine Pass interchange. (Milemarker 171.05-186.43) (through August 2019)

I-70 Eastbound / Westbound in Denver Metro Area (Milemarker 184-286) (through June 2020)

I-70 Eastbound / Westbound at Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnels, east portal (Milemarker 254.38-215.6) (through December 2019)

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