GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “Helping other people is really really really important to me.” said founder of Sunflowers for Ukraine, Amelia Fishering.

Watching the heart wrenching news about Ukraine with their parents touched sisters Amelia and Emma’s hearts.

“She went to school the next day and told all her friends about what she seen. They all got to talking about all the different things they thought folks affected by the conflict in Ukraine might need.” said mom, Sarah Fishering.

Amelia and Emma’s initial plan was to send off water and blankets to Ukrainians in need. Mom explained while it was a good idea, they should do something more obtainable. That’s when Amelia let me in on a secret.

Amelia told me, “I don’t know you if know, but I really like art. I really do.”

From there it was a done deal. the young ladies put a plan in motion.

“Create pieces of art, and for us to recruit other members in the community to create pieces of art that we would exhibit those pieces of art. Then auction those off.” Sarah stated.

In no time they recruited some classmates to help create art.

“Actually four, yea four.” Amelia and Emma added.

You don’t have to be in Montrose to buy this beautiful art. You can also bid online.

“We’ll have opportunities to see the art both in person and online. People will also be able to bid in person or online as well.” Sarah uttered.

One of those opportunities to see the Sunflowers for Ukraine artwork will be Saturday starting at 10 am at the downtown Montrose Farmers Market.

Amelia stated, “We’re going to be jelly art.”

“But wait there’s more.”

“There’s going to be lots of chalk. We’re going to buy get more chalk hopefully if its ordered.” Amelia added.

That’s for murals. Mom is thankful the project opened her eyes, and helped her see her daughters in a whole new light.

Sarah uttered, “It’s been really fun to see them get motivated and passionate about this project, and really enjoy engaging with the creative process.”

Amelia and Emma are just simply grateful.

“Thank you for helping us. Thank you for helping us.” Amelia and Emma added.