Day Two of David Castro Trial


After nearly two days of juror questioning and selection, a jury is set to decide whether David Castro is guilty of the murdering Kyle Free. The prosecution centered their opening statements about Kyle Free and his relationship with Rebecca Walker. David Castro came into focus when his Facebook messages with John Eddy, and conversations with Rebecca Walker were provided to the court. This included messages about an older drug dealer giving a “green light” to murder Kyle Free for being a “snitch.” David Castro’s contact with Walker included Castro supposedly telling Walker that he helped Eddy, in order to help her.

The David Castro defense kept it simple, emphasizing to the jurors that John Eddy and Rebecca Walker killed Kyle Free. Their position being that Castro did not hide evidence, did not help clean up, did not dispose of the body and did not kill or encourage the killing of Kyle Free.

The first two witnesses on the stand today include Kyle Free’s brother and the lead investigator on the disappearance of Kyle Free. Free’s brother recounted his initial search for Kyle, including going to Rebecca Walker’s house to look. The investigator provided background on his interviews with Walker and evidence she provided to law enforcement. This includes pictures from her cellphone and a map of her garage showing where blood evidence could be found.

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