FRUITA, Colo. (KREX) — Fruita Police responded to a security threat at Fruita Middle School on Thursday.

This Friday Afternoon, Fruita Police Department officials released a press release regarding the incident.

On Thursday, September 21st, the Fruita Police Department and School District 51 Security responded to a reported threat at Fruita Middle School between two students. This incident resulted in multiple additional reports of concern about a possible threat to the school. The report was received Thursday morning, and not on the previous night as has been suggested through social media. It should be noted a Fruita Police Department School Resource Officer and D51 Security were present at the time the report was received.

Officers and D51 Security contacted the people referenced in the tip and were able to conclude through an extensive investigation that the information provided was not credible and was false. There was no credible threat to students or staff.

We take any threat to students seriously and will thoroughly investigate any reports we receive. We encourage students to always contact school staff, security, or officers if they see or hear anything suspicious. Please be cautious whenever you hear information that does not come form law enforcement or school administration, as rumors can spread misinformation and prevent law enforcement from focusing on credible threats and ongoing efforts to keep students and the community safe.

Screenshot of the alert sent to parents from D51 officials on Thursday
Fruita Police Department