MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) took a Montrose man into custody after he made threats to multiple government agencies and Wells Fargo locations. On March 11, the now-suspended Twitter account @L1ccastrellon, which had a username of “christiancastrellon,” sent out multiple tweets threatening violence, according to an affidavit obtained by KREX.

The first threat read, “I am going to be attacking homeland security. I want alot of damage done. I hate the United States,” and the user tagged the Department of Homeland Security. This was followed up with a tweet to the Denver field office of the FBI that said, “I want to set explosives at the FBI department building in Denver and I am.”

A third threatening post was sent to the official Colorado account, @coloradogov, that said, “I am going to attack department of human services throughout Colorado. I am a real killer.” The user continued to publicly express hate and violence towards others with statements that include, “God is not going to be present for what I am after for the United States” and “I want to kill of [sic] the United States population.”

Due to a belief that the author of these tweets was actively planning to kill and injure others, the FBI filed an Emergency Disclosure Request to Twitter to determine the origin of the messages. Following the request, Twitter provided agents with an IP address of The investigators found that the IP address was associated with a Charter Communications account at an address in Montrose.

FBI personnel were informed by the Montrose Police Department (MPD) that an individual named Christian Castrellon was known to live at the address. Castrellon was known to MPD from multiple service calls to the residence dating back to 2013, including a 2019 incident in which he threatened to engage in a shootout with responding officers.

Separate from the FBI’s investigation into the concerning social media posts, MPD had received a call from the Vice President of Corporate Security for Wells Fargo Bank, Rudy Espinoza, that stated an individual with the same name had sent threatening tweets to them as well. Specifically one that read, “I am planning a shooting at multiple wellsfargo [sic] locations,” and others that talked of the author’s mental state. Another forwarded tweet included a photo of what appears to be an Uzi-style firearm.

Following the gathering of the aforementioned evidence, United States Magistrate Judge Gorden Gallagher issued an arrest warrant for Christian Castrellon. In the early afternoon of March 11, MPD observed a vehicle registered to a member of the Castrellon family at a restaurant in Montrose.

As MPD officers approached the vehicle, Castrellon and a female exited the establishment. The suspect was detained and transported to the Montrose Police Department at that time.

After his initial appearance, Castrellon was remanded to the custody of the United States Marshals Service.