Best foods to fight fall allergies

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Are fall allergies making you miserable? Try eating one or more of these foods for some relief:

Broccoli -- This produce is both high in allergy-relieving vitamin C and a member of the crucifer family, which are plants that have been shown to clear out blocked-up sinuses.

Kale -- This superfood packs a one-two punch against allergies. It's a member of the crucifer family, but it's also rich in carotenoids, which packs a form of vitamin A thought to improve allergy symptoms.

Red grapes -- This fruit is a great source of resveratrol, an antioxident that may help reduce inflammation.

Stinging nettle -- This is definitely not something you want to eat directly, but freeze-dried nettle capsules taken three times a day helps naturally stifle the inflammation that occurs when you're experiencing allergy symptoms.

Collard greens -- The phytochemical content in collard greens, mainly carotenoids, eases allergy issues. The darker the leaves, the higher the carotenoid levels. 

Honey-ginger tea -- Warm tea can loosen phelgm caused by allergies. Honey and fresh-sliced ginger add potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols.

Avocados -- The wide range of carotenoids found in avocadoes is thought to tame allergies by acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Olives -- Another anti-inflammatory food, olives are also rich in healthy fats and packed with immune-boosting properties.

Fish -- The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are the best types of oils for inflammation.

Red bell peppers -- These veggies are packed with inflammation-fighting vitamin C, as well as immunity-supporting carotenoids.

Turmeric -- This golden spice can help ease inflammation, and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

Celery -- Celery is full of vitamin C and anti-inflammatory compounds, making it a great tool for fighting allergies, high blood pressure and chronic pain.

Carrots -- Another carotinoid powerhouse, carrots also contain lots of beta-carotene to help ward off ragweed misery.

Pumpkins -- These gourds are rich in allergy-fighting carotenoids, the form of vitamin A you should try to stockpile to better ward off allergies.

Onions and garlic -- This duo is packed with quercetin, which helps fight allergies by acting like an antihistamine. It also acts like vitamin C to quell inflammation in your system.