Surprising reasons you’re eating more

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Feel like you can't stop piling food on your plate? There may be some surprising reasons you're eating more, according to

6. You've switched from regular to diet soda

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You may be saving calories, but some nutritionists believe artificial sweeteners can cause you to crave more sugary foods because your body and brain are primed for more calories but nothing happens. Some studies suggest they can also mess with your sense of fullness, causing you to eat more.

5. You're making hasty restaurant decisions

Seek out nutrition information or calorie counts in restaurant menus, skim the info and then ask yourself if that crispy chicken salad is worth it.

4. You're using clear jars to store candy and other snacks

The old adage "out of sight, out of mind" applies here. People are more tempted by food they can see, and one recent study even showed that people ate 70 percent more chocolate when the bonbons were in a clear bowl than when they were in an opaque one.

3. Your plate is the same color as your spaghetti

Studies show many people eat less if the food contrasts with the color of your dishes. According to research published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people were more likely to load up their plates with spaghetti and sauce if their plates were red. Apparently, if food appears to blend into the plate color, the smaller the portion size can appear.

2. You're drinking out of the wrong-shaped glass

According to a study published in the journal PLoS ONE, people drank alcohol 60 percent faster when it was served in a curved glass rather than in a straight one. Bottled beer is a better bet, so you know how much you've had to drink.

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1. You're rocking your job

It may sound strange, but a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that we're more likely to reach for junk food when we're feeling proud of past accomplishments. If we're feeling excited or hopeful, we're also likely to reach for food, but something more nutritious. 

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