County Commissioners decline to designate Mesa County as COVID-19 Constitutional Sanctuary County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — The weekly county commissioners meeting saw some residents stop by on Tuesday and demanded change.

Locals had an opportunity to voice their frustration with past COVID-19 protocols set by the county and establish Mesa County as a “Constitutional Sanctuary County.”

Jen Schumann, a resident of Mesa County says, “when we hear new mandates, ordinances coming down from any level to ask for a seat at the table where we can join the conversation and ask questions to make sure that 2020’s not repeated.”

County officials say all restrictions are lifted and residents and businesses are free to live their lives.

Cody Davis, Mesa County Commissioner says, “currently nobody is being forced to get a vaccine. Currently, businesses can be open at 100% capacity and choose whether to allow masks or not on their private properties. So right now in Mesa County, there are no constitutional violations as far as masks and vaccines go.”

Residents demanded the commissioners use their authority to prevent unnecessary strain on local businesses.

Schumann also said, “in the meantime, our local businesses, our fellow residents, did they experience undue strain, how much PPE did they have to buy, how many things did they have to spend money on, just so they could continue to do business.”

Davis also said, “we are a subdivision of the state, so we gain all our powers and authorities from the state. So, the power to regulate, to control to call businesses essential comes from the state and that’s where the power lies.”

The board voted unanimously against the resolution.

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