Mesa County Public Health Works With Local Hospitals To Report Coronavirus Testing Kit Numbers

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Mesa County Public Health along with four local hospitals are now on the same page as far as reporting numbers of COVID-19 testing kits. Some hospitals had been sending kits to commercial labs instead of the state run lab (where MCPH had been sending theirs). The discrepancy, up until yesterday, was making it hard for MCPH to report solid numbers. The health department now says all agencies are on board, and it is prepared to give daily reports on it’s website.

As of Friday afternoon, 260 samples from the entire county had been sent out. Of the 260, 188 have been processed, six have come back positive (all six, MCPH was already aware of), 182 came back negative, and 72 kits have results still pending.

When it comes to testing kit supply, the county is preparing to receive 1,500 more kits from the state. KREX asked Jeff Kuhr, executive director of Mesa County Public Health, if the number of kits was enough to keep up with demand. “It will help… We’re bound by what we receive as far as supplies go. Supplies are still in pretty good shortage… It will be great but, unfortunately, it still does stay with people with symptoms.”

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