MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — School grounds and facilities are an extension of the classroom. Maintaining a school and keeping it clean is no easy task, but custodian Jay Haptonstall at Centennial Middle School takes it on with pride. That’s one reason why Mr. Jay is our February Montrose Golden Apple winner. 

Mr. Jay is the first one to arrive every morning. He starts his day by making the rounds and preparing the building for students and staff to arrive, because at the end of the day, it’s the people he serves that make his job rewarding. He said, “I really like doing my job because I get to be around the people, and the kids. I try and help everyone out, and try and do what I need to do, every day.”

Mr. Jay takes on much more than just custodial duties, he takes care of everything from lunchroom attendant to crossing guard. Assistant Principal, Meghan Waschbusch told us “It’s kind of more like what does Mr. Jay not do for us? He does so much. He is there any time you need him to do anything, he’ll drop whatever he’s doing to come help a teacher or come help a student.” 

Mr. Jay always has a good attitude, and he says he loves coming to work everyday. When asked, he said, “Yes, I love my job, a lot.” Thank you Mr. Jay for your dedication to keeping the school clean, and congratulations for winning a Golden Apple award.