MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — After setting aside $1.5 million in funds to give to towns within county limits that have water and sewer infrastructure projects, the Montrose Board of County Commissioners have signed an intergovernmental agreement to send $500,000 of the funds the Town of Naturita. The town intends to use the funds to renovate and improve the current wastewater treatment lagoon systems, as well as the critical collection line and manholes.

“This is a wonderful surprise and will help improve our chances receiving funding from other sources as well,” said Kathy Cooper, Naturita Town Clerk. “I am grateful to the county for their assistance on funding with this large wastewater project. This will be a benefit to the entire town for decades to come.”

Naturita formally requested assistance for the project, estimated to cost nearly $7.8 million, in late March. Additionally, the town has applied for funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Office of Just Transition, and Congressionally Directed Spending. The town will work through the design, permitting, and review process after securing the remaining funds that are needed.

“We understand that infrastructure — especially wastewater and sewer projects — are expensive,” said Commissioner Roger Rash. “This is a great use of the funds that the board set aside for the towns. I’m hopeful that the town will be able to secure additional funding to make this project a reality. It will greatly improve water quality and directly impact quality of life.”

The construction for the project is projected to start in spring of 2024.