MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — The Montrose Hot Shots are one of three basketball teams to make it to the 2022 Special Olympics U.S.A Games. Point Guard Rosie Ramirez understands the team strategy: “Enjoy, play hard and have a good time.”

Teamwork builds their strategy to succeed.

“We play like a team and we enjoy it,” Point Guard Rosie Ramirez reflects, “We play hard but, at the same time, we play the confidence everybody had, we were able to go a little further.”

The U.S.A Games were cancelled last year, on top of the players having a year off. The team has a full schedule until the big flight to Orlando.

“We’re going into March in Denver and then we have a camp in April,” Ramirez shares, “We’re gonna be doing a lot of practice until then.”

It is not about how big you are but how big you play.

“You bring them along slowly, take their conditioning up, and get them into shape,” Coach Bobby Walker mentions, “Our focus is keeping people safe and be sure everybody has fun and stay safe on the basketball court.”

Small Forward Mario Longmore has been on the team for seven years. Going to the U.S.A Games in Florida means having fun with friends and showcasing skills while doing one of his lifelong favorite things.

“My favorite part of basketball shooting the ball pretty much, and stealing the ball,” Small Forward Mario Longmore expresses, “I like being on defense as well I like stomping the ball out of people’s hands, that’s one of my favorite things to do.”

The Hot Shots are heating up the court and Coach Bobby Walker describes this season as the opportunity of a lifetime.

“We’ll be working on conditioning and building up our strength to go down there and look good, representing the state of Colorado,” Coach confirms.

You can catch The Montrose Hot Shots hooping up Five on Five games starting June 5 on ESPN.