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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — Planes, people, and pilots all packed the tarmac and runway in Montrose for Tribute to Aviation.

COVID-19 kept planes and helicopters in the hanger last year.

This year, it was a much different scene, those on the Western Slope were ready to celebrate the sixth year of the event.

Katie Yergensen with Montrose County, says, “ultimately it is truly a community effort as well. You know our community is so incredibly military friendly and it’s great the wonderful welcome that they give to our military men and women that are coming in, it’s really second to none.”

Those military men and women serve as an example for what the uniform stands for and the opportunities available for future generations.

Yergensen also says, “our goal here at Montrose Regional Airport is to put on this event for ultimately the youth of our community, we like to inspire, education careers you know potential within the aviation field.”

Those in attendance got the chance to put their hands on some unique aircrafts, one of which was used in the Cold War and Vietnam War.

That wasn’t it though.

High above the crowd, the United States Army Parachute Team, The Golden Knights, performed a demonstration.

Jason Bauder, Staff Sergeant with the U.S. Army, says, “it’s amazing, we love seeing everyone come out and putting on a good show for everybody. It’s awesome to show people what the Army does, this is our mission.”

Yergensen added, “having the Golden Knights here is a whole new level of special. It’s neat for our fans to be able to kind of see something new and different up in the sky also.”

It might look easy on the ground, but how about from the sky?

Bauder also says, “it’s a little bit scary. The first time’s more scary than the 3 thousandth time. It’s a little bit nerve-wrecking but that’s part of what we do, is overcoming those challenges.”

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