ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Calf Canyon, Hermits Peak Fire has left some rebuilding their lives. Jon Carleton of Mineral Hill, and his mom live on the same property. Almost everything on their property, two houses, three tool sheds and an art studio with decades worth of his mom’s art burned and are gone.

Carleton says he’s probably among the first to receive financial help from FEMA, but say sit will only go so far. “It’s a fraction of what we need to rebuild. I mean, a fraction, with what I got I might be able to clear the land and get my electric running,” said Carlton.

Carleton says his family has been in that area for three generations and says it’s home. Eventually he wants to rebuild the property, but right now he has to figure out how to clean up and clear out all the destruction.