MESA, Colo. (KREX) — Just a week ago, Powderhorn Ski Resort blasted snowmaking machines to eke out barely two runs for opening day. Today, it’s a whole new story.

While last night’s storm only dropped a few flakes on the Grand Valley, it transformed the Mesa into a winter wonderland; dumping 20 inches of snow on Powderhorn Ski Resort.

“We know that folks are waiting for something like this,” Powderhorn Ski Resort Marketing Director Ryan Robinson expresses, “When they saw that it snowed as much as it did, the phone started ringing, there were people waiting in line early this morning. The snow falls and people show up.”

20 inches is just the start.

“One snow storm can change the atmosphere as Powderhorn Ski Resort has piled on major results in the last 24 hours,” Cora Dickey reports, “If snow keeps falling like this Powderhorn Ski Resort is in for a white Christmas and a very frosty season.”

Skiers watched snowflakes fall, stoked about the late season turnaround.

“Coming down, the top actually pretty good, all day long,” Powderhorn Fans Shandra & Shea describe, “It’s good to see it because we’ve been needing this and we’ve been doing our snow dances and we’re ready.”

Others are excited to get the full worth of their season pass.

“Being from Massachusetts, I would have to say I’m not used to seeing a quick dump of snow of 25 inches, being able to come in skiing in some powder.” Powderhorn Ski Passholder Cory St. Cyr shares, “I’m loving it up here.”

With the resort nearly knee deep in powder, Powderhorn is living up to its name.

“Everybody has to keep in mind that this snow is on top of very little base,” Robinson informs, “The mountain crews do need time to get the runs read, get out there the snow cats, do trail checks before we get additional train open. Mountain crews are working hard to get additional terrain going and they will just as soon as they can.”

At last report, snow totals hit 25 inches, the resort has no capacity limits and Robinson says there are many more trails to come.