GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — From claims of election fraud to judges appointing election officials, this year’s voting process came with a handful of difficulties. It may still take three weeks before official results are released in Mesa County, but unofficial vote tabulations are in.


District 51 School Board Candidates (District C):

  • Austin Dewitt – 8.5%
  • Trish Mahre – 44.37%
  • Andrea Haitz – 47.14%

District 51 School Board Candidates (District D):

  • Nick Allen – 47.54%
  • Willie Jones – 52.46%

District 51 School Board Candidates (District E):

  • David Combs – 44.56%
  • Angela Lema – 55.4%

State Amendment 78: 55% Against

  • If passed, this initiative would transfer certain funds generated by non-tax dollars (known as “custodial funds”) from the state treasurer to the state legislature.

Proposition 119: 52% Against

  • If passed, this measure would increase state marijuana tax by 5% to partially fund out-of-school programs.

Proposition 120: 54% Against

  • If passed, this measure would reduce the residential property tax assessment rate and authorize the state to retain and spend $25 million in revenue above the state’s TABOR spending cap for five years.

Mesa County Ballot Issue 1A: 52% For

  • If passed, 1A would increase marijuana taxed by 5% and money collected would go to fund mental health. substance abuse, and other related services.

Mesa County Ballot Issue 1B: 72% For

  • If passed, 1B would allow Mesa County the right to provide telecommunication services, advanced services, and cable television services to residents, businesses, schools, libraries, and non-profit entities with public or private sector partners without increasing taxes. The propossal could close current gaps in internet service valley-wide that left thousands of students struggling during the pandemic. Mesa County is one of the last counties in Colorado without modern broadband services.

Mesa County Ballot Issue 1C: 53% For

  • If passed, 1C would allow for marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, and testing facilities with unincorporated areas of Mesa County.

Plateau Valley School District 4A: 53% Against

  • If passed, ballot issue 4A would allow Plateau Valley School District’s debt and district taxes be increased to provide money required for the district to receive “best” grand funds. The money would finance the cost of replacing the district’s existing Pre-K through 12th grade school facility while keeping the 2006 addition.

Mesa County School District 4B: 64.93% For

  • If passed, ballot issue 4B would allow Mesa County School District’s debt and district taxes be increased ($3 per $100,000 home valuation) for a limited time to replace Grand Junction High School with a state-of-the-art facility.

KREX will continue to provide updates as results become official.