221 Chairs, Representing 221 Lives Lost To Suicide


Teenagers, seniors, men and women; suicide does not discriminate.

“This is something that really does effect everyone,” says Katie Goddeyne with the Mesa County Health Department. “All age ranges, men and women alike.”

With 221 chairs lining Main Street in downtown Grand Junction, each one represents a life lost to suicide.

Since 2011, 221 people have completed suicide.

In just 2014 alone 248 people attempted suicide. That’s something health officials are saying wont change unless we start the conversation.

“What we’re doing currently isn’t working,” says Goddeyne. “So we’ve really go to educate ourselves as individuals and as a community, so that we can start these conversations and prevent these suicides.”

With dozens taking notice of the chairs, health officials hope that conversation can be started and lives can be saved.

“Let’s face it, it’s not a comfortable topic and it’s something we’ve tip toed around for far too long, and the numbers in Mesa County are too high,” says Goddeyne. “Don’t wait, get help.”

Health officials say both offering help and asking for help is the step to reducing the rate of suicide in  Mesa County.

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