GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The 7th Street Deli got an order they didn’t want: an eviction notice. While there’s a chance to operate elsewhere, Co-Owner Debbie Allen says this location is home for 7th Street Deli.

“Our biggest concern is to serve you healthy and Fresh so that’s what we’re all about,” Co-Owner Debbie Allen expresses, “We can do that in another location we would prefer to be here that’s why we’re trying so hard to raise this money.”

The restaurant has suffered from events even Zoltar couldn’t predict, from two whole years of construction on 7th Street to COVID-19. The total back rent now is 50 thousand dollars and the deli is pressed for time to keep the keys and get cash flowing again.

“7th Street Deli has until January 31 to raise $31,000,” Cora Dickey reports. “From here on out, every donation counts.”

Saving the deli means saving jobs. Brandon has moved up to head cook in the nine months he’s been an employee, and says 7th Street Deli feels like his second home.

“I would be extremely devastated, these people are very important to me,” 7th Street Deli Head Cook Brandon Weliver shares, “We’ve grown in a short time and never have I felt so close to being family with employers.”

Brandon’s not the only one who’d be devastated. The deli’s made-from-scratch cuisine and convenient location keep customers coming.

“It would be terrible for the community to lose this business,” 7th Street Deli Regular Leslie Capehart believes, “I’ve been coming here for years and their breakfast and lunch is delicious.”

One of the main reasons Debbie Allen wants 7th Street Deli to stay put is to be there for medical staff nearby and seniors in low income housing who can easily walk over for a quick bite.

if you love and appreciate the 7th Street Deli, you can donate what you can on a GoFundMe page right now.