Moon Farm takes its name from the Moon family. They started this tradition back in the seventies of doing day camps clear to 2008 and in 2010 they started this pumpkin patch. Today, the nonprofit, Grand Valley Equine Assisted Learning Center runs –this local pumpkin patch.  Jay D. Muller the president of the center told us, “We’ve been able to run the pumpkin patch alongside them and then for the last two years by ourselves.”

The center uses horses for therapy. This gives both children and adults options for healing outside of traditional offices, doing occupational therapy, speech, and social and emotional work. Their work with horses goes year-round but in October it’s all about the scares. The castle, the pyramid, and other buildings representing different cultures get decked out with scary trappings leading up to an event called trick-or-treat street.  That’s October 29th right before Halloween. Proceeds from the pumpkin patch go to the Equine Learning Center and the fun times with your kids go to your photo album. First on the western slope