Studt’s Pumpkin Patch is a favorite for a lot of Grand Junction families. They told us their goal is that “They can, you know make memories away from electronics and the bombardment of, you know, our society.

Jennifer Studts co-owns Studts Pumpkin Patch along with her husband Ward. Their story starts when he was only a child. “My husband’s parents were vegetable farmers, and they had a pumpkin patch when he was a kid, and then they stopped farming. But as he grew older, he wanted to continue. So he started the pumpkin patch again.“ That led this couple to something bigger than just a family business. She told us, “Actually he hired me to come help him run the pumpkin patch and then we started dating and I married my job.”

Beyond their growing relationship, the patch also grew, adding new features every year. They started out with just a pumpkin patch and a slide but over the years it’s grown to have the corn maze and so much more. Just this year they’ve added an obstacle course as well as a playground built out of an old combine. All of those attractions join favorites like hay mountain to make Studt’s what it is. But the core is, of course, the pumpkin field.   With 50 varieties of October’s favorite gourd, you’re sure to find the perfect pumpkin and make it a festive fun fall.