GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Grand Junction Fire Department answered a 9AM call near the Redlands for an agricultural burn. The sight blew nearby residents away. The fire didn’t affect nearby homes but it took multiple crews to contain it.

“It was being pushed by strong winds,” GJFD Comunity Specialist Dirk Clingman describes, “There’s a storm coming in today and was not great conditions to to be burning today.”

Open Burn season will still start as scheduled March 1, but what happened today is an eye opening reminder of how easily a routine burn can blaze out of control.

“Though you may have a permit may be burning season, weather conditions may not allow for safe burn a day-to-day basis,” Clingman expresses.

Clingman says the more aware everyone is about the dangers of wildland fire in the modern age, the safer the community will be.

Agricultural burns are allowed year round but. whether you’re doing an ag or residential burn, be sure to have extinguishing power equal to the size of your fire.

“If it’s just you, and you have a garden hose, you need to have small fires,” Clingman advises, “The weather can change quickly you need to be able to extinguish a fire on account for the weather change, should they occur.”

More than anything, GJFD advises permit holders to communicate with neighbors, and make sure others are aware you intend to burn.