American Red Cross volunteers are trained for nearly every disaster scenario. Some help create shelters for people displaced, or hand out food and clothes while others help assess damages — but you don’t have to volunteer in Kentucky to help.

American Red Cross of Western Colorado Executive Director Eric Myers says donations are also critical.

“The quickest and best way to get your support to people who are impacted is by going to 1-800-RED-CROSS, calling that number and make a donation, or by going to clicking on the donate button, moving forward like that.” American Red Cross of Western Colorado’s Eric Myers elaborates, “That really does help get the resources that are needed, the people that are needed down to the impacted area as quickly as possible.”

Myers shares that the recovery process can be extensive and new volunteers scheduled to switch out for as long as it takes.

American Red Cross volunteer and Craig Resident Christopher Wood is en route to help survivors. Other volunteers on the Western Slope and beyond are preparing to deploy within the next few days.