America’s newest airline appeals to public’s desire to travel


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Starting April 28, a new airline is joining the terminal. Avelo Airlines is appealing to the public’s desire to travel during the pandemic. The drive of Avelo’s C.E.O. is to allow people to pay less and travel more.

“We wanted to made a splash, certainly,” Andrew Levy expresses, “I think we’ve done that with 19-dollar, one-way fares. That’s pretty cheap.”

There’s also a sweetening of the low-budget offer that secures the bag.

“On top of enjoying the everyday price of a 19-dollar ticket, all Avelo passengers will receive a bottle of water, a warm cookie and hand sanitizer once they board,” Cora Dickey reports.

This airline connects Grand Junction alongside ten other destinations to Burbank that are currently underserved with the L.A. basin. Offering inexpensive flight fares is just part of making travel plans a smoother process.

“Smooth is a word that we like to use about our service,” Andrew Levy continues, “We’re trying to make it really easy for customers to choose us; not only with extremely low fares but also connecting folks into really easy airports to use in these really large cities.”

There’s no layover for Avelo’s arrival in Grand Junction on May 9, flights are available and booking now.

Avelo’s inaugural routes focus on outdoor recreation, national parks, and coastal and mountain terrain – as well as providing air service for an increasing population of remote workers.

Additionally, the cabin air is refreshed every two to three minutes by the Boeing 737’s top-down air filtration and ventilation system. Federal law requires everyone — including Avelo Customers and Crewmembers — to wear a face mask at the airport and on the aircraft (unless eating or drinking). Avelo also encourages social distancing best practices whenever possible.

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