GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — We’re now on day three of following the nailbiter — Congressional race between Representative Lauren Boebert and her Democratic opponent, Adam Frisch. Boebert is in the lead but the race is far from over. Our Khira Isaacs shows you why.

The race to represent Colorado’s third congressional district remains razor thin and too close t call — with thousands of uncounted ballots, from the military and overseas looming over both candidates. Representative Boebert’s opponent, Adam Frisch, issued a statement saying the race is headed for a possible recount, “We are gathering our legal team to help us manage whatever may come. We will likely need to raise funds for an extensive legal process.”

Frisch also says a ballot drop from Conservative Otero County boosted Boebert for now but thousands more from Democratic-leaning counties are still pouring in.

We reached out to Boebert’s campaign for comment but received no response.

As for Mesa County, officials say there are still more than 800 ballots still to be cured.

Mesa County’s G.O.P. Chairman, Kevin McCarney says, he believes Boebert’s margin will grow more than it already has.

The final decision likely won’t play out until Thursday, November 17, the Secretary of State’s deadline, and possibly much later if the race goes to a recount.