Boulder Bike Businesses Coming to the Grand Valley


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Two Boulder based bike businesses are moving to the area as the Grand Valley continues to grow its trails and infrastructure for outdoor recreation.

“The trail access is awesome,” said Brady Kappius, Founder of Broken Carbon and President of Kappius Components, both of which are family companies run by him and his father.

“The cycling industry in Boulder, it’s great as well, but I feel like the support for smaller businesses isn’t nearly at the same level as the Grand Valley,” said Kappius.

“Our investment into local infrastructure, into our trails, it’s really starting to pay off for us,” said Steve Jozefczyk, the Deputy Director of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership.

“We have people coming out on holidays or for business and they’re realizing that ‘hey, you know, actually the Grand Valley could be a good place for me to actually operate my business,'” said Jozefczyk.

According to Kappius, the Grand Valley is the perfect place for the family businesses.

“These are world class trails that are right out of our back door, so being able to product-test on something like that is pretty much a dream come true,” said Kappius.

“The culture that we have in the area really meshes well with the culture of these outdoor rec. businesses, the owners of these companies and their employees, they want to be located in a community like this,” said Jozefczyk.

For bikers interested in carbon fiber, both companies can service those needs.

Kappius Components makes and designs really high-end carbon fiber wheel sets,” said Kappius, “And then Broken Carbon is actually a carbon fiber repair business.”

Once settled in, the companies will be adding jobs to the area.

“Bringing both these companies here, we’re looking to open light industrial workshops and so we’re definitely going to need to be hiring some employees,” said Kappius.

A move that’s sure to help boost the local economy.

“The slight downturn in the economy that we’ve been seeing because of this pandemic, is a great bright spot to see businesses like Kappius Components and Broken Carbon moving into the area,” said Jozefczyk.

The move, in turn, is also helping to put the Grand Valley on the map as a destination for cycling.

“I’m really excited to bring both businesses to the area, we think it’s going to be a great fit,” said Kappius, “Super excited to meet everybody in the Grand Valley, if you see me on the trails, flag me down, say hi, introduce yourself, I’ll do the same.”

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