Brett Cheney wins $50K scholarship for getting COVID-19 vaccine


FRUITA, Colo – For Brett Cheney, getting a COVID vaccine wasn’t seen as an option. At the time, he was focused on getting a shot as soon as one was made safe for him.

Receiving a scholarship worth 50 thousand dollars is a booster to the process.

“I was excited to get the vaccine just because I could go out and do stuff, maybe bring a sense of normality and do my part,” Brett Cheney expresses, “Once I heard it on the prize I was like oh that would be interesting and then I got the price and now I’m kind of in shock still.”

Brett is going into his junior year at Fruita Monument High, so he has time before his first day at college. For him, and every winner of the Comeback Cash Scholarship, the money is secured in an investment account ready for graduation day.

“It actually goes up over time. If they’re 14 or 15 when they win, it could very well be, instead of $50 thousand, maybe $60-$62 thousand by the time they graduate high school,” Governor Jared Polis informs, “For folks who aren’t going to college, it’s usable for vocational education, for certificate program, for, really, any form of higher education that you pursue, not just a traditional two or four year college.”

According to his parents, determination overpowered hesitation in him wanting to get the vaccine. As the youngest of four kids, Brett only looked at schools his parents could afford. For them, one COVID shot led to horizons broadening for him and his family.

“It means that we can continue doing what we do here at our house while Brett is free to enjoy his college experience,” Laura Cheney mentions.

“It’s just so nice to know that we have some freedom and that burden is off. Now, we can just concentrate on helping him be creative with what he wants to do for his future rather than be creative with how we can afford this,” Jason Cheney elaborates, “Everything is just kind of falling into place.,” Brett Cheney adds.

Brett is the first scholarship winner for his COVID vaccine in Mesa County, protected and looking forward to continuing his education.

Every COVID vaccine recorded is automatically in the lottery. Five students will be selected randomly every week until July 9.

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