Broncos Back-Up QB, Chad Kelly, Arrested for Trespassing


Early this morning Denver Broncos back up quarterback Chad Kelly was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass.

A couple that lives in a suburban neighborhood in Englewood, Colorado reported that he came into their home uninvited and sat down on their couch while mumbling incoherently.

The homeowner thought that his doors were locked but according to court records, the stranger came into the house after 1 a.m., sat down on the couch next to the woman who was holding her child and was mumbling incoherently.

The man hit the intruder in the back with a vacuum tube after he told him to get out. The police found Kelly about a block away from the house, sitting inside a black SUV.

The police came and Kelly was later identified by the couple as the man who came into the house. Kelly appeared to be at a team Halloween party at Von Miller’s house before the incident.

Kelly posted a $2500 bond and will be in court Wednesday.

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