Castro Charged With Stabbing Satan’s Disciples Alleged “Leader”


David Castro appeared at the Mesa County Justice Center for his attempted first-degree murder case. This is the second case brought against Castro since he has been in custody for allegedly taking part in the murder of Kyle Free in 2018. The purpose of his latest hearing was to have a judge determine if there is probable cause to charge Castro with first-degree murder, instead of a lesser charge.

Castro’s defense attempted to say this was a racially motivated crime, because the victim was unhappy with the racial make up of the jail pod. The defense implies Castro could have been acting in self defense because of this alleged racial tension. The judge upheld the charges, believing Castro did in fact take time to think about this crime.

The victim in this case is Christopher Fafejta, a man who was indicted by a grand jury and considered to be Gran Junction’s Satan’s Disciples “leader.” The attack on Fafejta lasts a little under five minutes, and the lead investigator on the case says Fafejta suffered 14 to 16 stab wounds to the head and neck.

David Castro is set to begin his trial for allegedly taking part in the murder of Kyle Free on October 28th.

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