Catholic Outreach’s Day Center to provide COVID vaccines weekly through MarilllacHealth


Since April, the Catholic Outreach Day Center has provided clinics for COVID vaccines, whenever possible, once a week. From now on, MarillacHealth will provide people a chance to be vaccinated at the center on a weekly basis.

“We’re finding a lot of folks that either aren’t able to get a vaccine clinic or aren’t able to get to their doctor to get it done so we’re trying to reach out to them and meet them where they’re at,” Dana Schmidt explains.

The day center has a steady pace of people wanting laundry, mail, and shower services. Having the vaccine available as well makes it more of a hub for people’s general needs.

“Bringing the vaccine to them where they’re coming already for showers or laundry or getting their mail makes all the difference,” Jody Visconti Clow expresses, “Rather than them having to go to that clinic or wherever the vaccine is bringing a vaccine to them just makes it more likely chance that they’re gonna take it advantage of that opportunity.”

This arrangement with MarillacHealth is here to stay.

“Additional pop-ups like this will continue throughout the next few months because we do still find that there are a few people that do need a vaccine and haven’t been able to get it previously so I wanna make sure it’s available for everybody,” Dana Schmidt informs.

While there is no major surge of new COVID cases right now, Catholic Outreach would rather be safe than sorry. As an extra layer of precaution, and to keep everyone safe in its center, the Catholic Outreach Day Center is making a vaccine dose required for the unvaccinated who come in during Wednesday’s clinic needing other services done.

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