CDOT reminds drivers to share the road with motorcyclists


(KREX)- Motorcycles make up only about 3 percent of registered vehicles in Colorado, a record of 140 motorcyclists were killed last year on Colorado roads and highways. This safety campaign encourages drivers to share the road with motorcyclists and be careful when changing lanes.

With peak riding season around the corner, officials from Colorado Department of Transportation stress that now’s the time to be extra careful.

“Every cyclist out there has a family, is a brother, a son, a wife, a daughter; they’re people too.” Sam Cole expresses, “Even if they do something obnoxious, do not engage in any sort of road rage with them. a motorcycle. Their life is literally on the line.”

With a lack of exterior protection, motorcycle drivers are more vulnerable getting struck in accidents. CDOT encourages riders to always gear up, wear a helmet, obey the speed limit, and watch out for each other on the road.

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