GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Grand Junction’s Westlake Park has undergone several renovations recently including the painting of new murals and the addition of a new disc golf course. On Monday, Nov. 13, the city of Grand Junction broke ground to install a replacement irrigation system at the park.

The city is replacing the main line for the sprinkler system which it says will increase water efficiency and sustainability. Ken Sherbenou, Grand Junction’s Parks and Recreation Director, tells WesternSlopeNow that the city makes an effort to conserve water wherever it can.

Sherbenou said the city needs water to ensure the health of trees and turf but they’ve implemented new practices to save significantly on water. One practice is the one, two, three, three, two, one watering schedule to ensure that you’re not watering your grass too much.

Looking toward 2024, Sherbenou tells WesternSlopeNow that the city proposed $225,000 of its budget to convert turf areas to native plants. Native plants that are acclimated to Western Colorado’s climate require less water than grass.

Westlake Park’s disc golf course will temporarily close to replace the irrigation system but the trail going through the park will remain open throughout the completion of the project. The playground and skate park will also stay open. The city plans to wrap up construction of the irrigation system by the end of this year.