CLIFTON, Colo. (KREX) — The Mesa County Commissioners have approved a contract worth more than a million dollars, towards the construction of the Clifton Community Campus. People are getting more excited as time gets closer to start building.

Money keeps getting invested in the 27 acres with builds towards fulfilling a forty-year-old promise to give Clifton a community hall residents deserve.

The acquired lot next door to Rocky Mountain Elementary School is set to provide resources from a community hall to a library and more. People express support for a new era of more resources in the neighborhood.

“It will really build a new sense of you know community and connection within the community offering all these resources in a one stop place right here in the neighborhood,” Rocky Mountain Elementary School Family Resource Center Coordinator Melanie Wade reflects, “I think there’s so much potential and opportunity for the community to come together as a whole.”

“It’s a large campus so we’re several years ahead in growth,” Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis shares, “The community can grow a great deal, the Clifton are can grow a great deal, we can still accommodate it without a problem.”

Multiple contracts are in place to secure building the design as laid out. Mesa County Commissioners assure that this project is to benefit residents, not incorporate the area.