Colorado Free Application Days for Colorado colleges end October 21


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – With a limited free pass to apply to college, some high school seniors have been in the library all week doing the college search. A few locals at Grand Junction High School appreciate Colorado Free App Days to leave their options wide open for the future.

“I don’t know what I want to study yet but this waived application does take the pressure off not knowing while exploring opportunities for all these colleges,” High School Senior Riley Pope shares.

“It just gives me a better shot to apply to more schools because I’m not as worried about spending money on scores I might not want to go to,” High School Senior Mason Dibble believes, “This really is a better opportunity to apply to all the schools on interested in.”

This is the fourth year Colorado has offered a window to fill out college applications at no cost. The offer includes all public colleges and some private institutions.

CMU has a field day during this time seeing an uptick in interested candidates with a goal to increase the student body size.

“Last year, when it was one day we had 2700 on that one day,” Colorado Mesa University’s Assistant VP in Enrollment Management Kim Medina recalls, “Yesterday, the first day of the three day program we had a thousand, a little over a thousand applications so we’re hoping to break 3500 within the three days.”

The application fee can be a barrier to choosing to apply or not. Not all college students are in-state residents, but each one that got a waived application fee sees the pay off after making the decision.

“It definitely helped a lot,” CMU Freshman Zoe Powell expresses, “Being able to just apply for free, not having to risk anything definitely makes the application less stressful and more simple.”

Some individual schools, including CMU, have their own offer for free applications outside Colorado Free App Days. Enrollment departments also want students to know free money for college is up for grabs with the FAFSA application which is open now.

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