GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — Based out of Telluride, Mountain Trip is the only guide service in Colorado that can take you to all seven summits. They’re viewed as a world-class guide service – leading more Denali expeditions than any other company. Now, they’re being recognized for bravery.

Khira Isaacs spoke with a mountaineer to get insight on the act of heroism.

“We train for it. We know how to use our equipment, and ropes and set up anchors,” says Co-owner of Mountain Trip and experienced expedition guide, Bill Allen.

“Growing up going backpacking and playing the mountains in Oregon, to going to Alaska and starting climbing up there and then eventually doing some guiding up there,” continues Allen.

Allen and two other guides were recognized for the 2017 rescue of Martin Takac, an international climber who went through a horrible ordeal – falling in the crack of a glacier.

“We roped up and followed him to where he had seen his friend disappear,” says Allen.

Allen, Karl Welter, and Erin Laine were all awarded the “Citizens Award for Bravery”.

“It’s certainly an honor,” continues Allen.

Mount Denali is no easy feat – it’s a multi-week expedition requiring complex travel, route finding, and crevasse rescue skills in case climbers end up in deadly situations like Takac.

“The adrenaline starts to flow a little bit and you know you’re about to have to go deal with this situation that you would prefer not to, you know?” explains Allen.

Luckily, Allen and his team were more than prepared.

“I had to flip upside down to get to where I could even reach him…I think it was about 14 hours from the time he went into the hole,” says Allen.

Since the incident, Takac has survived –– as for Allen, he’s deciding which elevation he should tackle next.

“Yeah, moving on to the bigger mountains,” says Allen.