Colorado Mask Mandate Reaction at Mesa County Public Health



Get ready for a change. Walmart announced it will require customers to wear face masks July 20th, and Target will require them August 1st, but it’s not fast enough. Governor Jared Polis announced Executive Order D 2020 138, a mandatory statewide mask order that goes into effect on midnight July 16, 2020. “There is a small window of opportunity because if we don’t act, at the current rate that we saw. If you extrapolate that out, the state would exceed it’s ICU capacity by September,” says Governor Polis.

The statewide mask mandate trumps any county variance including, Mesa County’s for at least 2 weeks. Dr. Jeff Kuhr, the Director of Mesa County Public Health says the new order didn’t prevent Mesa County from going into a stage 3 variance anyway because the county health department wanted lower COVID-19 case numbers. “It’s not going to affect where we are currently, because our percentages are still very good. We’re at about 2.3% of positive cases to the overall tests that we’ve done,” says Dr. Kuhr. The order may not affect Mesa County moving into a stage three re-opening, but it’s affecting Mesa County residents eleven and up, and they’re voicing it. Thomas Parker says, “Especially, with young kids, it’s just going to be chaos, and on top of that, we’re free, and we’re supposed to choose if we want to get sick or not. That’s our choice.” Chadley Madsen is eleven years old, and he would have to follow the mask mandate since it’s required for persons ten years of age and up. Chadley says, “They do nothing because you have to breathe so they have holes. So, they really don’t do anything. Also, they’re really itchy, it’s hard to breathe. So, I really disagree.”

There are exceptions to the new mask mandate rule including if you’re at respiratory risk by wearing a mask , but for those who don’t like wearing masks, the doctor is in, and he has advise.”Right now, employees that deal with the public are required to wear a mask, but they take their breaks, they take their masks off, and that would be expected,” says Dr. Kuhr.

Restaurant employees have to wear them, but you don’t when you’re eating, and the customer is always right, right? Brittany Parker says during her interview outside of Mesa County Public Health, ” How is wearing a mask here, and going out to like, Dos Hombres gonna save you? It doesn’t make any sense, it’s totally contradictory.”

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