DENVER (KDVR) — Denver metro drivers might notice a lot of Teslas on city streets and highways. They’re not seeing things.

Colorado’s energy priorities are having an impact on its electric vehicle infrastructure. Among U.S. states, Colorado is the second-friendliest to electric vehicles, according to insurance company QuoteWizard’s analysis of key metrics. This confirms earlier studies that track Colorado as one of the states with the highest numbers and rates of EV use.

The study measured the percentage of drivers in each state who own electric vehicles, the number of alternate and electric charging stations per 10,000 vehicles and the number of incentives offered by each state’s government.

Colorado has the nation’s fourth-highest electric vehicle adoption rate.

About one in 50 Colorado drivers have abandoned internal combustion engines. With 2.21% of drivers owning electric vehicles, only Washington, Hawaii and California have higher concentrations of electric vehicle owners.

Meanwhile, only about one in 500 drivers have electric vehicles in Mississippi, the Dakotas or West Virginia.

It isn’t only the number of Coloradans who drive electric vehicles that puts the state in the top running for most EV-friendly. The Centennial State also has some of the highest rates of support for those vehicles.

Colorado has the fourth-highest number of alternative fueling stations, with 10 per 10,000 drivers. Only California, Massachusetts and Vermont have more. Colorado also has 24 electric charging stations per 10,000 drivers, again only eclipsed by California, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Colorado’s state government also offers a high number of incentives to buy, sell or assist with EVs. Only New York and California offer more sweeteners for electric vehicles.