Colorado Parks and Wildlife reel summer in with Free Fishing Weekend


COLORADO (KREX)- License-free fishing remains tradition for Colorado Parks and Wildlife every first weekend of June. A number of Colorado’s parks and trails are known for hiking, biking, and even paddle boarding.

This annual event is a kick off and reminder about how much fishing can be an active opportunity for summertime too.

“We encourage folks to get out there. The purpose of it is just to introduce as many folks as we can to fishing and how much fun it can be in Colorado,” Travis Duncan expresses, “The conditions vary in Colorado are you going in and look at that fishing brochure and know the regulations for the body of water you’re in, just to make sure you’re using bait that’s allowed for the area that you’re fishing in. A lot of our state wildlife areas are artificial; fly fish only, those kind of things.”

Free Fishing Weekend is open to everyone. All other rules and regulations apply like no swimming in the lake. It still casts a time for visitors to explore another side of Colorado with the motivation to try out skills on a rod.

“I don’t really get to fish that often, where I came from, but I’m hoping to spend more time outdoors here with the family. That’s the special occasion for why we’re fishing today.,” Br. Anthony Maria says, “Spending quality time outdoors, it’s better than sitting on couch all day.”

The variety in locations give a reason to come out;

“We came out to the lake today to catch, maybe, some big fish and just have fun,” Vincent shares.

What can be caught is different for everyone.

“We got a couple bluegills today no trout,” Vincent continues, “We saw a couple of bass today too,” Isaac adds.

Whether someone is a seasoned angler or a guppy on the line, the fish are starting to bite and the chance to get some hits is fresh.

Outside Free Fishing Weekend, fishers are required to have a valid license on their person, which includes digitally on your phone.

If your angle is to spend time near the water like this, fishing licenses are available to buy through retailers, online, and through a CPW location along with over the phone at 1-800-244-5613.

Rates vary for residents and non-residents. Residents will purchase their fishing licenses the same way, receiving a printed physical license, but now they will also have the option to display it within the myColorado app

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