Colorado Tribute to Aviation Canceled This Year



Welcome to the Montrose Regional Airport the home of the now, grounded Colorado Tribute to Aviation. Director of Aviation for Montrose Regional, Lloyd Arnold says, “We’re sorry we had to cancel it this year, but without the participation from the aircraft, you can’t have a show.”

Arnold says military air shows are being canceled left and right forcing the flying festival to put on the brakes, and causing the ultimate lack in aviation education. “We do get a significant amount of old military planes. So, the variety changes each year. The participants can go in the cockpit. they can go in the fuselage, and this is a real learning experience,” says Arnold.

It’s an educational blow to the community, but the economic impact may hurt more.”We bring in enough people that we fill the hotels to maximum capacity during that weekend, and so, there will be an economic impact to the event,” Arnold said.

The Colorado Tribute to Aviation showcased over 51 flying crafts, and last year’s festival saw over 28,000 people during the two day event. The aviation tribute has been canceled this yea, but plan B is over 30,000 people. Lloyd says, “We plan on bringing it back bigger and better, and we plan on having one of the best shows we’ve ever put on in 2021.”

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