Community Briefing Recap: April 3rd


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – The City of Grand Junction continues to host weekday community briefings to keep the public informed.

Officials from Grand Valley Power, Ute Water District and the Grand Junction Utilities Department spoke at Friday’s meeting.

Ben Hoffman, Treatment Plant Superintendent at Ute Water, spoke directly to the residents of Grand Junction about the public water supply.

He assured locals that Ute Water’s treatment processes of public water systems, which includes using chlorine as a primary disinfectant, have a proven track record of eliminating viruses, including COVID-19.

“Your water is safe, it continues to be safe, you need to be drinking water, you need to be washing your hands, you need to be keeping up on personal hygiene, so, of all the concerns that are out there, you’re drinking water really shouldn’t be one of them,” said Hoffman.

Andrea Lopez with Ute Water also said, while charges for water usage will continue to accrue, the City of Grand Junction, Clifton Water and Ute Water have temporarily suspended lock-offs for non-payment due to the Coronavirus.

The city is also asking that folks be mindful of what they’re flushing during this time.

With all the disinfecting going on, it’s important to make sure you’re not flushing wipes, paper towels, napkins or facial tissue to avoid needing in-home or city system services.

“It can cause clogs in your home plumbing or clogs in the sewer system and at this time when resources are tight, we don’t wanna have to have plumbers or maintenance folks have to make extra calls out for emergency services,” said Randi Kim, Utilities Director for the City of Grand Junction.

These meetings will continue to be held by the city Monday through Friday at noon and they are posted and broadcasted live on Facebook.

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