GRAND JUNCION, Colo. (KREX) – The Molli™ Marker marks tumors in preparation for breast cancer surgery. The Molli™ Marker is radiation-free and magnetic, which is safe for patients and doctors alike.

“These lesions are tiny and usually we can’t feel them,” Dr. Courtney Fulton M.D. elaborates, “Surgeons have long needed an option to localized these lesions and find them during surgery when we can’t use our fingers.”

There are many options in tools localizing breast legions, but Community Hospital’s Dr. Courtney Fulton wanted one that brings results without being radioactive. Between the metallic quality and the miniature size, this technology enables her and other surgeons to accurately locate the tumor without bringing discomfort to the patient.

“The seed that they put into the patient is extremely tiny so this is only 3 millimeters in size and the needle to put it into the patient’s is quite small, compared to some of the other options,” Dr. Courtney Fulton M.D. describes, “The wand is very light and has a nice tapered shape at the end, so I can get into really small space with this to find that seed.”

Unlike wire technology, the Molli™ tablet can be put in long before the day of surgery. Dr. Fulton is not only the first surgeon in the United States to operate the Molli™ Marker, she was there during Molli’s development performing initial trials.

In the last two months, Dr. Fulton has performed with the Molli™ Marker on 15 patients, each checked out with success. Dr. Fulton shares that the Molli™ Marker is not just for localizing breast lesions, but any lesion in the entire body that they can’t feel but need to find, including difficult lymph nodes.