Full-length ad, Project Lincoln

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Senator Cory Gardner is the target of a recent ad, paid for by a group of conservatives who are unhappy with the direction of the republican party’s reluctance to hold President Donald Trump accountable for his actions.

Cory Gardner, “do your job”, is the theme of the ad put out by Project Lincoln.

The ad points out that Gardner is losing in many polls to Democratic contenders for his senate seat. The video, released on Twitter Monday morning says the only thing Gardner will fight for is president Donald Trump.

It goes on to say Gardner is just another Trump servant, calling him weak, frightened, and impotent.

Project Lincoln accuses Gardner of breaking his constitutional oath by putting Trump’s interests over those of Colorado.

The ad ends with a simple message to Gardner, instructing him to do his job or Colorado will find someone else who will.

We have reached out to representatives in Senator Gardner’s offices in both Washington D.C. and Grand Junction for comment– we are still waiting on a response.