GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – Mesa County Fairgrounds is back as a COVID-19 testing site for the colder months. With proven success and productivity from the first go round, the drive-thru format in a heated but enclosed space allows multiple cars to enter and several people to get tested.

As the delta variant persists, Mesa County citizens like Robert Paul Oliver are still getting tested regardless of their age or vaccination status.

“I believe in the vaccine I believe that the technology and United States in the world is adequate to fight this virus,” Fully Vaccinated Air Force Veteran Robert Paul Oliver expresses, “Today, the test only went about two inches up my nose; it made me sneeze but that’s about the only side effect I had so it’s no big deal.”

COVID testing hasn’t been available at Mesa County Fairgrounds since April. There are some changes for this time.

“During the second chapter of COVID testing at Mesa County Fairgrounds people are able to come in five days a week to get checked, including Saturdays,” Cora Dickey reports, “While there’s no rapid testing served at the fairgrounds, people can still get swabbed and their results back in a timely fashion.”

Mesa County Public Health is seeing a déjà vu in COVID cases and numbers spiking similar to October of last year. Illnesses are up and down with a steady average of new case numbers ranging in the seventies which officials want to lower.

“Testing is a tool in our tool box to mitigate the spread of COVID just like vaccination and our other protocols like mask wearing and social distancing,” Mesa County Public Health’s Stefany Busch elaborates, “It’s crucial to the entire process of just getting this illness out of our community.”

Even after almost two years of testing, the nasal swabs and saliva samples are still vital to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Although the vaccine is only available for people ages 12 and up, anyone six months or older can get tested.

Pre-registration is required at this site. The new schedule for COVID-19 testing at Mesa County Fairgrounds serves under the following operation hours:

Days Available:
Tuesday – Friday (except holidays)
7 am to 3 pm
9 am to 12 pm