D51 Lunch Lizard Summer Program Begins May 26


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – A popular lunch program for District 51 students will begin its summer program after the holiday weekend.

Wednesday was the last day for the Lunch Lizard’s Spring program.

Organizers passed out double the amount of food because no meals will be served Thursday, Friday or Monday, due to Memorial Day weekend.

Ronda Cook, the Nutrition Services District Manager says the Summer Lunch Lizard program will be slightly different from the Spring Program and encourages everyone to come out.

“Please come and check us out, we vary it everyday also for the summer program the menu is on the website, so they can get on there and see what we will be serving for breakfast and lunch that day,” said Cook.

The Summer Lunch Lizard Program will be slightly different from the spring program.

Ronda says more trucks will be use, while Dos Rios Elementary and Nisley Elementary will not be handing out lunches on-site.

For full details including what’s on the menu, click here.

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