GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – Voters will have to decide on November 2nd for Grand Junction High School to be replaced or not. The Mesa Valley Education Association feels that signs on the car or in the yard strategize an election extravaganza, promoting the decision to vote yes on Ballot Issue 4B.

Candidates running for school board unanimously agree that replacing GJHS is a must. Volunteers pushing this campaign include those who partake in the campus regularly.

“It’s hard to focus with all these problems occurring in the school there’s constant asbestos problems, the school is just pretty much falling apart,” Grand Junction High School Student Owen Haan believes, “Frankly, it’s becoming a little small for how many students are coming to it with the expanding population of Grand Junction.”

“This is an investment in our students and I think our students and our valley deserves this,” Concerned District 51 Parent Kelsey Teske addresses, “The building needs help but also, hearing from the principal at Junction, there are such cool things going on at Grand Junction High School and such neat programs available and I think we need a building that matches what’s happening with the students that are at school.”

MVEA shares it’s important voters make sure ballots are turned to actually make it happen. This effort will bring supporters from across Mesa County together to get out the vote.