GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — What makes a home more than a house…is the people in it. And for almost a month, all Doctor Paul Preston had to keep him company was his memories.

His wife was stuck in Gaza seven thousand miles away. How did she get here? This is the story of Doctor Barbara Zind.

Barbara and Paul love to travel, they have since the 1980’s, and not just for vacation.

To this day, Barbara still continues to travel to the middle east with the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund to use her skills as a pediatrician where it’s needed most.

The past few trips, Doctor Zind started spreading her care in Gaza. She arrived there yet again October 6th.

While strolling on the beach the first morning of her trip, Doctor Zind witnessed rockets tearing through the sky. She fled back to her hotel to wait and see what would play out in the following hours…

During these nail-biting days, both Doctor Zind and her husband were nervous the constant bombardments surrounding her could destroy the power grid allowing them to talk.

Over her time in Gaza, she bounced through three different U.N. facilities. The first facility only housed Zind for two days.

But through all of the chaos, Doctor Zind persevered and made it through the Rafa Crossing, which was bombed the day she was supposed to leave the first time. Once she got to Cairo, she was on a plane headed for Denver.

Barbara tells me she still plans to travel and help those in need, but if that’s to Gaza…is still in question.